The kidgredients guide to awesome lunches


The kidgredients guide to awesome lunches ebook is designed to help you make healthier, better and more efficient lunches for your kids!


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kidgredients guide to awesome lunchesThe Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches is designed to help you to make better lunches!  What’s inside?

  • a guide to choosing a lunchbox for your child
  • a guide to packing lunchboxes
  • a guide to lunchbox nutrition
  • 10 new recipes
  • tips and tricks
  • some Kidgredients favourite recipes
  • a bake once a month planner that will free up your mornings and get you out the door quicker

Fully redesigned in 2017, this ebook is super easy to read and will help you with all the questions you have about making school lunches, with recipes and a planner too!

kidgredients guide to awesome lunches

kidgredients guide to awesome lunches

What are people saying about The Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches?

“New mums, old mums, totally-over-packing-the-lunch-box mums: every mum needs a copy of this book. School lunches are so important for fuelling kids’ learning and Kylie’s book will guide you to creating delicious, healthy lunch boxes that always come home empty”

– Bronwyn Mandile, Mumtastic Editor

“‘The Kidgredient Guide to Awesome Lunchboxes’ ebook is brilliant. It is absolutely packed with helpful information about health and nutrition, important things to consider when purchasing or preparing a lunchbox and some yummy simple recipes and food ideas that kids would love.

It’s an easy ebook to read, includes beautiful illustrations to inspire your creative side and is amazing value for money. I highly recommend this ebook to anyone with preschool or school aged children. “

-Kate Lloyd, Laughing Kids Learn


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